The best carpfishing brands

We offer you the best brands in the world of carpfishing for all kinds of products, baits and materials specialized in carp fishing

Carpfishing Store is the largest fishing shop of this modality in Spain and we are committed to our customers to offer the best brands in the entire market at the best prices. In our 100% real stock we have the brands: Starbaits, CPK, NGT, Fox, OMC, Trybion, Humminbird, Aquaparx, Rigde Monkey, Faith, ElectroCarp, HTF Carp, Kkarp, Starbaits, Chiruca, Awashima, Rod Hutchinson, J.Baits, Enterprise, Korda, Sticky, Mainline, Vorteks, RealDrops,Baits Minn Kota, Korum, Coppens, Delkim, Sonik, Peralbaits , Teklon, CCMoore, SuperBaits, Poisson Fenag, Navitas, Asari, Prologic, Carp Expert, Avid Carp Carp, Virux, E-S-P, Butsir, Vega, ASSO, Crafty Catcher, Nash, Ozeam, Viamare, Spomb, Turemar, Cinnetic, Shimano, Wolf, Castaway, Zfish, Gardner, JRC, Vroyal, Mikado, Massive Baits, Dam, Radical, Red Carp Expert, Behr , TC BAITS, Dynamite Baits, Carp Spirit