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Buy online the best alarms on the market from the Delkim brand specialized for carp fishing. Complete your equipment with alarms and tensioners Delkim, resistant and durable material with innovative designs.

The Delkim alarm revolution, characterized by its controlled sensitivity, micro-adjustment and, above all, its volume and tone that will alert us to our catches and any activity which will allow you to relax and enjoy.

With this, you can also relax at night, thanks to the Delkim alarms’ night light sensor and its bite indicators.

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Delkim Ev-D Alarm

74,95 VAT included

Delkim Nitelite Set Pendulum

44,95 VAT included

Safe-D Delkim Safety Bars

17,49 VAT included

Delkim Nitelite Pro Hanger Pendulum

36,95 VAT included

Delkim D-lock quick connector

12,49 VAT included

Delkim SlimLite Set Pendulum

44,9046,90 VAT included

DuoCarb Delkim Pendulum Holder

21,95 VAT included

Delkim Txi-D Alarm

165,00 VAT included

Delkim SlimLite Set Clear Pendulum

44,9046,90 VAT included

Delkim Rx-D Receiver

179,00 VAT included

Delkim Txi-D 2+1 Alarm Set

495,90 VAT included

Delkim Txi-D 3+1 Alarm Set

649,90 VAT included

Delkim Txi-D 4+1 Alarm Set

799,90 VAT included