Buy bait boat for carpfishing

Bait boats are the innovation in carp fishing accessories. Complete your carpfishing equipment and buy online the latest models of boats for fishermen, the selection of the best carpfishing baitboats , baitboat models with GPS and/or sonar from the reference carpfishing brands.

Baiting boat Sunny 3.0 Camu

751,50901,00 VAT included

Bait boat C3 Camu

1.256,101.931,30 VAT included

Baiting boat C3

1.155,401.871,90 VAT included

Buy bait boat for carpfishing

How much does a bait boat cost?

There are boats for 500 euros that offer you to release your position at 300 meters carrying a kilo of bait to carp fishing bait boats for 2000 euros with sounder, gps and two hoppers of 3 kilos of bait each.
It is increasingly common to see bait boats in our reservoirs and in contests. For the contests the feeder boats offer a great advantage because although the boat is allowed in almost none they let you get into it at night, then the boat becomes a great help since it takes us the position to our feeder located at a distance which it would be impossible to reach with a throw shot.

Is it possible to fish more with a bait boat?

Of course yes, it enlarges the position forward having much more water to study the behavior of the fish, it loosens your position and baits without making any noise, that is why in the official championships it is not allowed to use it for that all couples fight on equal terms.
The fishing bait boats are a remote-controlled instrument that navigates through the water and that we control by means of a command. As its name suggests, it is shaped like a boat, but in miniature and it works through a battery that you have to be careful to charge.

What are the advantages of fishing with a bait boat?

The bait boat is a very practical instrument to be able to bait and cast the rod at the same time, thus ensuring that the bait and the hook fall in the same place.

For this reason, the bait boat is a very comfortable option to take the hook of our rods to very distant positions with respect to our shore, without the need to get wet or get into the water with a boat. In addition, it does not entail any type of danger if we use it at night, since it has lights to see where it is located at all times, so we can use it without fear, unlike the boat, which is not recommended to use it at night. evening.

The bait boat is very easy to transport because it has a handle so you can carry it with one hand. There are even covers to protect it that facilitate its transport through long handles.
Its small size means that it can be stored anywhere without taking up too much space. A bait boat usually has the following measurements: 70 x 46 x 28 cm.

You just have to be careful and always carry the battery with enough charge to last the entire fishing session.

What is a bait boat for?

The bait boat has several functions: bait, survey the fishing area to assess depths or the presence of fish, cast the rods, measure distances, save reference points, etc.

For this, it has two hoppers in which we can deposit the bait that we want to deposit in the water, being able to transport up to 3 kg of food. The GPS and the sonar will take care of the rest of the functions.

What is the sonar and GPS of a bait boat for?

The bait boat probe will allow us to see the bottom of the swamp on the remote control screen. As we move forward with the bait boat, it will indicate the depth of the area, the presence of possible fish that are passing by at that moment and the depth at which they are, the unevenness of the bottom or the temperature of the water. In other words, very useful information for our carp fishing session.

Yes, in addition, we have a bait boat with GPS, we will be able to see the distance from the bait boat to our shore, store specific points where we have cast the rod or baited to later return to the same place (we can save several points, even up to 30), check the distance to the chosen destination and the distance remaining to reach it. We can also set the shore as a GPS point, in order to make the boat always return to the same place.

What types of batteries exist for bait boats?

There are two types of baitboat batteries : lithium (Li-ion) and lead.
Let’s see the differences between the two:
– Lithium batteries have greater autonomy (about 3h and 45 min.) than lead batteries (about 2h).
– Lithium batteries are lighter than lead batteries.
Lithium batteries are therefore more expensive, but profitable.

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