In our section of Bed Chair for carpfishing you can find the best carpfishing beds of 6 and 8 legs at the cheapest prices of the best brands: Fox, Sonik, Nash, Avid Carp, Prologic, Zfish, JRC.

Best Prices Guaranteed in Bed Chair Fishing Carpfishing

Bed Chair Fox R2

239,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Prologic Avenger 8 legs

154,99 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik AXS Duralloy

279,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Prologic C-Series

109,99 VAT included

Bed Chair Zfish Shadow Camo

149,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Prologic Avenger 6 legs

134,99 VAT included

Bed Chair JRC Defender L

159,90 VAT included

Bed Chair JRC Contact Lite

109,90 VAT included

Fox R-Series Camo with sleeping bag

409,95 VAT included

Bed Chair JRC Defender

135,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik Sk-Tek with sleeping bag 5 stations

329,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Fox Eos 2

184,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Fox Eos 3

208,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik Sk-Tek M

149,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Fox R3

264,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Fox R1

214,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik SK-Tek Lounger

169,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik Sk-Tek L

164,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Fox Eos 1

169,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik Sk-Tek Compact

149,90 VAT included

Bed Chair Sonik Sk-Tek with sleeping bag 4 stations

269,90 VAT included

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Tips to buy the best bed chair for carpfishing

A bed chair is a mandatory item for every fisherman. Carpfishing fishing is famous for night fishing and for this you have to be rested and well prepared for our long sessions.

– What types of bed chairs can we buy for carpfishing?

There are 3 types of bed chairs for carpfishing fishing:

  • 6-legged bed chair: This bed is the most common among carpfishing fishermen. It is usually the cheapest and lightest bed chair.
  • 8-legged bed chair: this bed is less common, and we can not find it in all brands, but if we want a super reliable and resistant bed chair this is the best option. One of its main benefits is that we can get out of bed from the front without it falling off.
  • Double bed chair: this bed is not very common but there are many fishermen who look for it to only have to transport a bed chair and be able to sleep 2 people. These are very large beds.

– What is a bed chair for?

When we talk about bedchair carpfishing, we mean a special bed for our carpfishing sessions. The bed chair imitates the bed in our room but in smaller size and how to transport. Therefore, a bed chair allows us to sleep in it peacefully, whether it is a nap or a whole night. In addition, as its name suggests, a bed chair can also serve as a chair, since we can sit on it, and even some bed chairs have the capacity of a reclining backrest on which we support the back, perfectly imitating the structure of a chair.

– What should be taken into account before buying a bedchair?

  • Number of legs: the bed chair or fishing bed can have 6 or 8 legs. Normally, 6-legged bed chairs are more numerous and economical. However, a 6-legged bed chair does not have the great stability of an 8-legged bed. The 2 legs additions bring rigidity to the bed chair. In a 6-legged bed chair you have to be careful to get up from it on the sides, because if we do it by the feet, the bed chair would break by not having legs in that area. On the contrary, this does not happen in the bed chairs of 8 legs, since those two additional legs are located in the part of the feet.
  • Adjustable legs: in the event that the bed chair has adjustable legs, we will be able to put the bed at different heights, or even higher on one side than the other to adapt to the circumstances of the terrain. We already know that swamps do not always have a flat bank, but have sloping terrain. The adjustable legs will make the bed chair completely flat despite the inconveniences of the terrain.
  • Feet of clay: As with chairs, bed chairs can also have feet of clay, that is, rounded platforms located at the end of each leg. Its purpose is to adapt the bed chair to the terrain more easily, and, therefore, provide stability.
  • Reclining backrest: it will be useful for when we want to use the bed chair as a chair. To do this, the bed chair must have roulettes that allow you to recline the backrest and adopt different positions.
  • Comfort: during carpfishing sessions it is necessary to rest well. Therefore, we should not skimp when buying a comfortable bed chair. The comfort of the bed chair depends on its padding, so that the more padded it is, the better we will sleep in it. In addition, the padding in the head area, as a pillow, is also another element that offers extra comfort in a bed chair or bed for carpfishing.
  • Size: there are individual bed chairs, which are the most common, but there are even marriage bed chairs. The measurements of an individual bed chair are around the following values: length: 220 cm, width: 80 cm, height: 30 cm. The double bed chair differs from the individual bed chair in width only. As a general rule, a bed chair usually weighs between 10 and 15 kg.
  • Space occupied by the closed: the bed chair is one of the most voluminous gadgets in carpfishing, so it is important that it is well folded for storage. Bed chairs that have adjustable roulettes will take up less space because once folded, we can fix that position with the roulettes, preventing the bed chair from opening.

– What is the best option to buy a bed chair?

To decide to buy a bed chair we have to take into account what time we are going to dedicate to fishing and see the space we have when taking our things to our fishing post. The most commonly used fishing beds are standard size 200×95 cm with 8 legs.

– What are the best brands of Bed Chair?

The best brands of beds for carpfishing fishing are Fox, Nash, Sonik, Avid Carp, JRC or Prologic. These brands have top quality products. In Tienda Carpfishing we have other brands of bed chair of very good quality that we can buy at very cheap prices such as Zfish or NGT.