Zodiac and boat accessories

Carpfishing boats are essential for any fan of carpfishing freckles, since inflatable boats allow you to access the most difficult places.

The best carpfishing boats, we offer zodiacs of all models in different colors from 2.30 m to 6 m, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

Boat Fox EOS 250

569,90 VAT included

Fox Camo boat seat

39,90 VAT included

Raptor 270 X-Wide Green Airdeck

879,00 VAT included

Boat Raptor 230 X-Wide with Green aluminum cover

779,00 VAT included

Fox electric inflator for boats

64,90 VAT included

Boat Fox 240

869,90 VAT included

Fox 200 boat

689,90 VAT included

Trybion Wild Predator Camo

895,00 VAT included

Trybion Wild Predator Green Boat

840,00 VAT included

Fox 160 boat

479,90 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Ape-X Straight Point Bulk Pack

11,90 VAT included

Raptor 230 X-Wide Dark Camo boat with aluminum floor

925,00 VAT included

Raptor 270 X-Wide Bush boat with aluminum floor

1.024,90 VAT included

Nash Boat Life electric air pump

165,95 VAT included

Barca Nash Life Inflatable Rib 240

699,95 VAT included

Floor Boat Airdeck Nash Life Inflatable Rib 320

179,95 VAT included

Barca Nash Life Inflatable Rib 320

999,95 VAT included

Barca Nash Life Inflatable Rib 180

635,95 VAT included

Accessories for carpfishing boats

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Zodiac for carpfishing

Carpfishing requires patience, technique and adequate quality equipment to increase the success of your fishing days. For this, it should be noted that one of the most important elements to improve your fishing days are carpfishing boats.

Carpfishing boats are designed specifically for carp fishing, since these boats offer the essential requirements for it: stability, safety and space for your equipment. Carpfishing boats must be safe to be calm and worry-free, they must also be stable to fish comfortably and be able to catch properly.

There are different types of carpfishing boats of variety of brands, being, the most common for carpfishing , inflatable type boats. Each type of boat has its own characteristics, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. You can find different models of each brand for all tastes.

More and more brands are incorporating innovative technological advances to carpfishing boats, offering more ease and comfort during fishing sessions, as well as offering unique designs that adapt to all preferences.

Find the best carpfishing boats to stay safe in the water during your fishing sessions. All carpfishing boats come with their corresponding oars.

These boats are developed especially for carpfishing fishing, they are of high quality and use the best materials in their construction which makes them light, stable boats in the water, resistant and durable. This type of boat is an economical and ideal option for fishing due to its dimensions and because it is an inflatable boat that provides greater ease to store and transport in your carpfishing fishing sessions.

What is the boat used for in the carpfishing modality?

The first thing that every fisherman who has a carpfishing zodiac does is enter to probe the fishing post and leave its marked place and then re-bait or throw his rod without any noise.

These boats are very versatile, so they can be used in a variety of fishing environments, both in lakes or reservoirs and in rivers. The boats will also allow you to have capacity for the rods and storage spaces for your accessories and accessories during your carpfishing sessions.

What is the most used boat for carpfishing?

There are many models of Inflatable boats Fishing But most fishermen look for a boat that is at most 230 cm long to avoid having to take out the regulatory papers if we want to put an electric or gasoline motor the boat already needs to have papers and insurance.

What characteristics should be taken into account in a carpfishing boat?

When buying a boat for carpfishing, it is necessary to assess mainly certain aspects that are relevant when obtaining a quality and practical boat according to our needs.

  • Size: The dimensions of the boat is one of the main elements that must be taken into account, since, depending on the size and interior space, the capacity of people and the equipment you can carry in it will vary.
  • Material: Carpfishing boats are available in different materials, such as aluminum and inflatable PVC. The material to choose will depend on the preferences of each fisherman.
  • Stability: Stability and ease of maneuvering is essential for greater safety, agility and comfort on the boat while fishing.
  • Compartments: The number of compartments is essential to store all the necessary equipment, with enough compartments inside the boat you will have greater comfort and free space to move inside it.
  • Technology: More and more brands are incorporating innovative advanced technologies, which facilitate fishing days in a carpfishing boat.
  • Price: There is a variety of prices for carpfishing boats that adapt to the needs and budget of each fishing enthusiast, offering above all a good value for money.