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Ridge Monkey Cup Grey

12,90 VAT included

Fox Shelter Closet

109,90 VAT included

Toaster-Sandwich Ridge Monkey Connect Granite XL

39,49 VAT included

Barbecue Grilla Ridge Monkey

199,90 VAT included

Extra Carp Table

45,90 VAT included

Mikado Carp Lamp

9,95 VAT included

Nash Mega Lite headlamp

89,90 VAT included

Fox Towel Black / Orange

21,99 VAT included

Nash Micro Lite headlamp

19,90 VAT included

Toaster-Sandwich Ridge Monkey Classic Granite XL

27,49 VAT included

Campsite gas Butsir MS 2000 Dual

44,90 VAT included

Shimano Sync Table

38,90 VAT included

If what you are looking for is comfort in your fishing sessions, here we offer you the best camping products for carpfishing. We prepare a selection of the best products in kitchen accessories, lighting accessories, comfort and camping furniture to make your carpfishing sessions much more comfortable.

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Kitchen Accessories for Carpfishing

Prologic thermos cup

9,95 VAT included

Fox steel cup

14,50 VAT included

Ceramic Fox Cup

6,49 VAT included

Ridge Monkey water bottle 10 liters

19,90 VAT included

Fox XL Kitchen Stove Protector

22,90 VAT included

Fox Dish

7,49 VAT included

Trakker Heat Changing Cup

5,50 VAT included

Macuto Fridge Sonik SK-TEK XL

69,50 VAT included

Ridge Monkey water bottle 15 liters

30,99 VAT included

Green Ridge Monkey Cup

12,90 VAT included

Fox KitchenWare Set

54,99 VAT included

Lighting for Carpfishing

Fox multicolor headlamp 350 Lumens

34,99 VAT included

Headlamp Ridge Monkey VRH300 200 lumens

73,99 VAT included

Mikado 5+4 LED headlamp

9,90 VAT included

Mikado Mini headlamp

7,95 VAT included

Mikado Lamp

5,80 VAT included

Mikado headlamp

14,90 VAT included

Lamp Mikado Grande 8006

10,15 VAT included

Mikado Carp Lamp

9,95 VAT included

Nash Micro Lite headlamp

19,90 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR Lamp

68,49 VAT included

Mikado Cree headlamp

11,45 VAT included

Fox 1100 Lumens Photography Light

44,99 VAT included

Comfort for Carpfishing

Sonik pillow

22,95 VAT included

Fox Camouflage Pillow

25,99 VAT included

Avid Carp Towel

4,90 VAT included

Green Trakker Towel

6,50 VAT included

Nash Tackle Tray

14,90 VAT included

Green pillow Avid Carp XL

34,90 VAT included

Bag Neceser Ridge Monkey LX Weatherproof

53,95 VAT included

Ridge Monkey XL Thermal Bottle

24,99 VAT included

JRC Extreme TX2 Green Pillow

24,90 VAT included

Folding Lid Toilet Seat Ridge Monkey Cozee

39,99 VAT included

Nash Tackle Green Pillow

29,90 VAT included

Nash hot water bottle

19,99 VAT included

Furniture for Carpfishing

Shimano Sync Table

38,90 VAT included

Fox Shelter Closet

109,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Compact Session Table

49,90 VAT included

Table with double tray – Wardrobe Avid Carp

139,95 VAT included

Fox table for shelter

47,95 VAT included

Quick Up Avid Carp Shelter Closet

107,94 VAT included

Extra Carp Table

45,90 VAT included

Double tray table Avid Carp

114,99 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Cook Station Camo

199,95 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Bedside Station Camo L

115,95 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Bedside Station Camo S

95,95 VAT included

Comfort material for carpfishing

Sleeping bags (16)

Chairs (36)

Shelters (36)

Bed chair (22)

Bags (187)

Buy camping equipment for carpfishing

In Tienda Carpfishing we bring you a great selection of the best camping material for carpfishing necessary for your camping and your long fishing sessions so you can buy online.

As always and as in all our articles we deliver your order without shipping costs in just 24 hours in your purchase over 49,90 €

What camping equipment do we need to spend a few days fishing?

Kitchen items for fishing camping:

– Stoves: article that every fisherman carries with him. Who doesn’t fancy some good burgers at night on the shore, or a coffee at dawn to watch the movement of our fish? The stove is widely used in our carpfishing modality also in winter, since we have the possibility of adapting a heat diffuser to make our shelter a pleasant place with a perfect temperature or use it to warm our hands when entering the shelter again after obtaining a catch. The most used is the gas camping of the Butsir brand. From our store we advise you to always take one with you, as well as a couple of bottles for each of the sessions, thus being able to enjoy much more of our passion, eating like at home and enjoying a good perol with your partner or friends. How does a gas campsite work? In the simplest way you can think of. Simply with a disposable bottle

– Gas Barbecue: Another option to heat our food quickly would be the barbecue, ideal for cooking delicious skewers or a good grilled meat. Its operation would be the same as that explained for the gas campsite, through disposable cylinders.

– Gas stove: gas stoves for carpfishing are an essential element for every fisherman in winter. With this product, which we can buy from the butsir brand, specialized in gas products for the outdoors, we can protect ourselves from the cold in winter quickly and easily anywhere thanks to its small size. Either on foot fishing on the shore or to warm the shelter on cold winter nights by putting the gas stove inside the bivvy. We have stoves of different sizes, but the most common and used in our sector are those that work with a gas cartridge.

– Heat diffuser: a product that we can also use to heat ourselves are gas diffusers, which are combined with gas stoves. This element is put on top of the gas campsite and we can also warm up quickly on winter nights.

– Coffee maker: mandatory utensil for all fishermen. A hot coffee is fancied to all of us when we wake up. With the coffee maker we can cook this delicious drink, which will help us regain strength and fill us with energy to withstand our sessions with many captures. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to enjoy a good snack with coffee and sweet, because who is bitter about a sweet? No one, least of all with a tasty coffee on the shore of the swamp watching the fish jump.

– Cutlery: we refer to spoons, forks and knives, even corkscrew or can opener. In our macuto it is essential to have a set of cutlery, which facilitates food. A very successful option would be to get a set that includes spoons, forks and knives, so that we do not lack any when cooking on the shore. Also. we find macutos, which, in addition to including cutlery, contain glasses, plates and storage containers for salt, sugar, etc.
To spend a picnic, we can not do without any of these cutlery, because it would be very difficult to cook and eat and, therefore, endure a camping day.

  • The spoons, of various sizes, will allow us to take a good bowl of hot soup, an option that many of us resort to in our winter sessions to settle our stomachs and combat the cold of this hard season.
  • Knives will be very useful for cutting food or for opening packages. They also allow us to spread butter pate, among others, on toast, with the aim of getting a full breakfast that gives us strength to endure carpfishing sessions.
  • With the forks we can prick and take to the mouth the different pieces of food chopped with the knife. In addition, they will help to hold the food to be able to make such cuts in them.

– Plates and glasses: these items can not be missing in the fishing sessions. The dishes are utensils where we can place the food to share it with others or for our own consumption. The glasses or cups allow us to drink different liquids, such as water or soft drinks to hydrate while we fish, as well as hot drinks to resist the cold of winter. Without plates or glasses a good picnic in the swamp would be unthinkable, making carpfishing or camping day less pleasant.

– Pan: we will not be able to cook most of our food if we do not have a pan. With the help of the gas campsite, the pan allows us to heat or cook our favorite food. It is always appreciated to eat hot on the cold nights we spent on the shore. With a pan we will make from a simple sandwich to a delicious rice. Therefore, there is no excuse for not eating well during carpfishing sessions.

  • What types of pans can I find?
    • We have from toaster pan, ideal to make a delicious sandwich or sandwich. This type of pan allows you to heat a sandwich much faster because it has two plates that come together and between which the sandwich is.
    • To cook other types of food, there is a pan with 3 compartments, thus being able to make 3 different meals at once without mixing the flavors. In addition, this pan has a lid, which is very useful to prevent us from splashing the oil or any food, in addition to retaining heat to cook more quickly. It is one of the best-selling kitchen utensils for its storage comfort by being able to extract the handle.
    • A very practical set of kitchen utensils , consisting of pans and pans to boil food is also available to the customer.

Refrigerator: it is very important to keep food refrigerated to prevent it from getting in poor condition. For this reason, no one leaves behind a refrigerator when they are about to spend several days of carpfishing or camping. All our food will be safe in macutos fridges that have insulating material.

  • What uses can a fridge have in a carpfishing session?
    • In addition to keeping our food for longer and keeping the drink cold, another utility would be to save the bait of our future catches. In the fridge macutos, we can store the food of the fish for a long time, without worrying about their putrefaction in the short term.
    • Refrigerators maintain an adequate temperature and humidity to preserve food.
    • In addition, the refrigerator is an item that will allow us to have ordered and organized all the bait and the fundamental accessories that must accompany our fishing section, such as PVA tubes, tackle box, etc., because it has side pockets.
  • What sizes can we find refrigerators to go fishing?
    • There is to cover all needs, from small refrigerators to large macutos to store in them a large number of products.
    • We have the possibility of making small refrigerator of the following sizes: 28 x 37 x 35 cm. It is ideal because it takes up little space, but it has several compartments to be able to classify the products. Here our boilies or food will be in perfect condition. Its capacity is up to 8 kg of boilies in the main compartment.
    • The best seller, for its value for money, is the macuto fridge, larger than the previous one, whose measures are: 43 x 28 x 21 cm.

– Table: without a doubt, another of the articles that we can not miss in our carpfishing sessions. On the table we can place a large number of accessories such as flashlights, bait, packages of hooks, stops, scissors and or long etcetera, so that we always have them at hand and ordered. we also use the table to cook on top of it and put the food, so that the bags of food do not have the need to be on the ground in contact with moisture or some nocturnal animal that visits us. The best table for carpfishing is the one that has adjustable legs to be able to level the ground.

  • What kind of tables are there?
    • We are talking about tables for shelter or bivvy, which are smaller and are placed inside it, or larger tables for the outside, which occupy too much size to introduce them into the bivvy. Shelter tables are more common than outdoor tables, so we find a greater variety of the former. The tables for the bivvy will allow us to create our favorite assemblies inside the shelter in the cold winter nights or hot summer days, without having to spend calamities outdoors, since making an assembly takes time and we would have to expose ourselves to bad environmental conditions during its realization.
    • On the other hand, the table for shelter serves as a board to play cards or another type of game while we wait for the long-awaited bite. Therefore, a table for shelter can serve us for multiple functions. However, when the weather is good, we all want to receive the sun’s rays and spend as much time as possible outside the bivvy. To do this, we also have tables for larger carpfishing, which we will place outdoors and make the assemblies on it, prepare the bait of the fish, we will eat, we will play cards, etc.
  • What features do we look for in a carpfishing table?
    • Size: if what we want is a table for shelter, we will look carefully at the measurements, to avoid taking away too much space inside the bivvy. Adequate measures of a table for shelter would be: 47 cm x 31 cm, approximately. If we intend to place the table outside the shelter, we will opt for a larger one, finding on our page a model with the following dimensions: 80 × 60 cm.
    • Adjustable legs: the height of the tables will vary depending on whether their legs are adjustable or not, being able to reach from 20 to 60 cm. The higher a table is, the less we will have to bend down to use it, benefiting our back. The tables for shelter usually do not have much height, between 20 and 30 cm, so we will sit in the bed chair to be able to handle with greater comfort the items arranged at the table. An outdoor table would reach a greater height, up to 60 cm. The adjustable legs will allow us to set the table at different heights, depending on our needs. This feature allows the table to adapt better to the terrain, both the table for shelter and the table for outdoors.
    • Mud legs: as with chairs, tables that have mud legs will have greater stability and will adapt better to the surface on which they are located.
    • Folding: it is a feature that will save us space when storing a table. Many tables have folding legs, occupying a very small place. In addition, the table can be transported more comfortably.

– Lighting: Having light in the night sessions of carpfishing is essential. In the dark, we could not do all the things that daylight allows us, but this is not a problem if we have light bulbs or flashlights. Everyday actions such as preparing dinner, catching a fish with the sacadera, riding a rod … they would not be possible in the swamp if we did not have lighting.

  • What type of lighting is used in carpfishing?
    • The light can be obtained through spotlights or through flashlights for the fishing head.
    • The spotlights are mainly used to keep the interior of the shelter illuminated or to make dinner. They are placed on some surface and, as a general rule, we do not move them from there, unlike flashlights, which are easier to transport with us. We use the spotlight when we want a fixed light for a period of time.
    • The flashlights that are most used in carpfishing sessions are those that can be attached to the head, since this way they allow us to have unoccupied hands to be able to take the rod and obtain our catch. It is very important to look at the lumens, because the greater the amount of lumens, the greater the force to illuminate.

– Umbrella: Umbrellas for carpfishing are similar to beach umbrellas, but adapted to carpfishing. They provide us with shaded areas for days where the sun’s rays hit too hard. It is a comfortable and simple way to protect ourselves against the heat, because they are very easy to transport and, in addition, weigh little.

  • The umbrellas are anchored to the ground by a sturdy pike.
  • The stick that supports the umbrella is reclining, so we can move the umbrella as we please, as the direction of the sun changes.
  • In addition, there are umbrellas with awning, which makes the shadow that is generated is of greater amplitude.

– Pillows and cushions: a product that is increasingly used among fishermen who spend the night in their fishing place, are the pillows and cushions for chairs and bed chairs that you can find in our camping section.