Best prices guaranteed on carpets for carpfishing

Carpet Sonik SK-TEK

33,95 VAT included

Carpet Mikado 90 x 47 cm

14,90 VAT included

Carpet Fox Camouflage

53,99 VAT included

Carpet Nash 100 x 60

37,99 VAT included

Carpet Mikado 127 x 69 cm

25,90 VAT included

Carp Spirit CSC 85 X 45 cm

18,50 VAT included

Carpet Shimano Tactical flat

61,90 VAT included

Carpet JRC Rova

74,90 VAT included

Buy here your carpet for carpfishing, or reception carpet, and enjoy what you like most from the respect and care for the carp. We have the best brands with the cheapest prices.

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Tips for buying a carpet for carpfishing

What are carpets for in the carpfishing modality?

A carpfishing carpet is a padded carpet for tents that is placed on the ground and where we will support the fish to bleed and cure it. Once we take the fish out of the water, it is mandatory that the animal does not touch the ground, so we will place it on top of the carpet. From the carpet, we will pass it to the cradle to photograph ourselves with it, and from there, to the water again.
The carpet can be rolled up and transported like this very easily. Additionally, it is a very light carpfishing accessory, so we have no excuse to leave it behind in our fishing sessions.
A precaution that we should not overlook is to always keep our carpet moist. In this way, we prevent the fish from losing its protective mucosa.

What kind of carpets are there?

There are cheap carpets, which only consist of a padded carpet, although they are enough for the care of our fish.
However, there are other carpets that, in addition, have a retention flap that is fastened with Velcro and thus prevents the fish from moving excessively and leaving the carpet, being able to touch the ground and be damaged.
There are also floating carpets, so we can get into the swamp with them and our fish, if we want to take a picture in the water. In addition, it will be easier to return the fish to its habitat. But there are some that float more than others because of their great padding, being more comfortable to handle.
A recommended feature in carpets would be the existence of handles, to be able to transport them from one place to another easily when we place the fish in them.

Is it mandatory to use carpets for carpfishing?

Yes, it is. The care of the fish is fundamental and we should never overlook it. That is why we must always have a carpet for tents where to support our capture, so that it does not touch the ground and can be injured.
Even without being a competition, it is mandatory that the carpet accompanies us in all our carpfishing sessions. Therefore, it is one of the first fishing accessories that we have to acquire.

Where can I buy a carpet for the care of the tent?

These items are usually floating and can be found in the market at an economical price. In Tienda Carpfishing we have a large selection of carpets for carpfishing, at a very cheap price.