When we go fishing, comfort is always a very important factor, a fisherman’s chair for carpfishing is undoubtedly an essential element to feel comfortable at the foot of the shore. We have the best brands of chairs for fishermen with the cheapest prices: Fox, Faith, Sonik, Virux, Zfish, Prologic, Nash, NGT.

Best prices guaranteed on carpfishing fishing saddles

Sonik SK-Tek Chair

68,90 VAT included

Sonik SK-Tek Reclining Chair

99,90 VAT included

Chair Sonik SK-Tek Sunchair

149,90 VAT included

Chair Fox R-Series Guest

49,90 VAT included

JRC Defender Relaxa Chair

89,90 VAT included

Chair for Bed Chair Nash

34,90 VAT included

Fox R3 Chair

195,90 VAT included

Fox EOS 2 chair

89,90 VAT included

Fox EOS 3 Chair

109,90 VAT included

Sonik SK-Tek Folding Chair

74,90 VAT included

Fox R2 Chair

138,90 VAT included

Prologic Avenger Comfort Chair

74,99 VAT included

JRC Defender Chair

59,90 VAT included

Fox EOS 1 chair

74,90 VAT included

Fox Super Deluxe Extra High Chair

249,90 VAT included

Fox Super Deluxe Chair

264,90 VAT included

Carp Spirit CSC Reclining Chair

84,95 VAT included

Sonik SK-Tek Folding Compact Chair

69,90 VAT included

Nash Dwarf Super Light Compact Chair

29,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Ascent Day Chair

58,90 VAT included

Nash Indulgence Low Moon Chair

126,95 VAT included

Fox R1 Chair

119,90 VAT included

Korda Compac Low Chair

74,95 VAT included

Carp Spirit Blax Arm Chair

109,90 VAT included

Prologic Inspire Lite Pro Chair

84,99 VAT included

Nash Hi-Back Lounger Reclining Chair

159,95 VAT included

Nash Indulgence Big Daddy Reclining Chair

199,99 VAT included

Nash Indulgence Daddy Reclining Chair

229,95 VAT included

Chair Prologic Avenger Bed Guest Camo

54,99 VAT included

Prologic Avenger Camo Chair

54,99 VAT included

Prologic Avenger Relax Camo

59,99 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Hi-Back Chair

79,95 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Chair

59,90 VAT included

Carp Spirit Blax Low Chair

64,50 VAT included

Tips for buying the best fisherman’s chairs for carpfishing

The chair is a very useful element when we go fishing. Carpfishing chairs are, along with the bed chair, where we spend most of our time in carpfishing sessions. It is very important to sit down so as not to lose excessive energy and to be able to rest our legs and back. It is a way to relax, because in a chair we can spend hours sitting looking at the swamp watching the activity of the fish or the sunset, play a game of cards with our friends or simply sit down to talk with others. However, we must choose well the chair that we will take to the swamp, because not all of them will allow us to be comfortable and be able to rest.

– What to keep in mind when buying a fisherman’s chair?

There are many details that must be valued when we want to buy a comfortable carpfishing chair for our sessions. If we do not choose a chair suitable to our conditions, we will regret it all our lives, because we will not be sitting comfortably or be able to rest.
Below, we see several features to take into account when buying a fishing chair:

  • Reclining carpfishing chair: if a chair is reclining it will allow us to change our posture, being able to lie down or sit upright. By being able to change position, this translates into greater comfort, since, if we get tired of one posture, we adopt a different one. In this way, the chair adapts to the ergonomics of each person.
  • Carpfishing chair with Armrests: it is another accessory that makes our chair a more comfortable item. By being able to support our arms, we will realize that our chair is even more comfortable and we will rest more peacefully. Sometimes it is a detail that goes unnoticed, and although it is not necessary for our chair to have it, it is an object that brings benefits.
  • Carpfishing chair with headrests: many chairs have a backrest, but not large enough to reach the head, so we can not support it. This can cause cervical overload and other discomfort that could cause us a headache. If the chair includes a backrest on which to rest our head, it would be an advantage for our well-being. On the contrary, it would affect our rest and our state of energy to spend a few pleasant days of fishing.
  • Chair for carpfishing with adjustable legs: they are those that can vary their length, so that, together with the feet of clay, they will allow to adjust the chair easily to the terrain in which we are located. Many times, we are faced with a somewhat scalloped surface, which will not be a problem if the legs of our chair are adjustable. So we can always be seated comfortably, even if the terrain is not the most suitable.
  • Chair for carpfishing with feet of clay: they are the round pieces that are located at the end of the legs of the chair and that help to accommodate the chair to any type of surface and provide greater stability. In addition, these feet of clay are rotating, so that they will allow us to accommodate our chair to the ground more easily.
  • Padded carpfishing chair: the more padded a chair is, the more comfortable it is, but it is not one of the most important features, although it is desirable. By spending several hours sitting in a chair, the padding will help us to adapt better to it and avoid pain.
  • Sizes of chair for fishing: we can find chairs of greater and smaller size. Measurements may vary between the following ranges:
    • Length: from 49 cm to 93 cm
    • Width: from 45 cm to 68 cm
    • Height: from 55 cm to 110 cm
    • Weight: The smallest are somewhat lighter, weighing about 5 kg, and the largest can weigh about 8 kg.
  • Storage: another variant to take into account would be the way in which the chairs are arranged for storage. There are many of them that have roulettes that allow you to fold the different parts of the chair and minimize the size it occupies. This would be a very useful feature if we want to save space.