What's New in Clothing for Carpfishing

Fox Fox Green Reversible Hat

20,95 VAT included

Fox Boonie Camo Hat

22,95 VAT included

Nash Scope Ops Long Sleeve T-Shirt Camo

32,95 VAT included

Nash Scope PAHO T-shirt

23,99 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Apearel Grey Shorts

19,90 VAT included

Pack Ridge Monkey Crew Socks Size 39-43

22,95 VAT included

OMC Big-Eye Forest Green Sweatshirt

59,90 VAT included

OMC Splash Camo T-shirt

34,30 VAT included

Avid Carp Thermite Pro Sleeveless Thermal Jacket

31,90 VAT included

Korum Neoteric jacket

24,90 VAT included

Chiruca Boots Grifon Gore-Tex Green

149,90 VAT included

Chiruca Boxer Boa 12 Gore-Tex Boots

219,90 VAT included

Chiruca Cares Gore-Tex Green Boots

147,60 VAT included

Chiruca Boots Game Force Hi Vis 38 Gore-Tex

147,50 VAT included

Chiruca Boots Gore-Tex Green Trophy

117,90 VAT included

Chiruca Mulhacen 52 Gore-Tex Brown Boots

97,90 VAT included

Chiruca Teckel Gore-Tex Green Boots

108,50 VAT included

Chiruca Massana Gore-Tex Brown Boots

87,50 VAT included

Chiruca Cocker Green Boots

83,90 VAT included

Fox Sherpa-Tec Shalopettes Winter Suit

99,90 VAT included

Fox Sherpa-Tec Long Jacket

99,90 VAT included

Fox Sherpa-Tec Pullover Jacket

79,50 VAT included

Fox Raglan Camo Sweatshirt

49,50 VAT included

Nash Boots ZT Polar Green

49,50 VAT included

Nash light hoodie

42,95 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Apearel K2XP Compact Jacket

54,90 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Apearel Black Jacket

59,90 VAT included

Fox Camo Green Sneakers

47,95 VAT included

Nash Boots ZT Trail Green

69,50 VAT included

Shelter slippers Nash ZT Deluxe Camo

29,99 VAT included

Water boots Nash Green

34,49 VAT included

Avid Carp Merino socks size 44-47

8,99 VAT included

Avid Carp Merino socks size 40-43

8,99 VAT included

Avid Carp Arctic 50 Camo

129,90 VAT included

wader Mikado Rozm Green

42,90 VAT included

Vadeador Mikado Premium Green

49,90 VAT included

Korda Black hood

39,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Thermal Jacket Camo Verde

72,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Pullover Camo Jacket

59,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Distortion Pants Black

24,90 VAT included

Buy fishing clothes by brands

In Tienda Carpfishing we offer you the widest catalog in fishing clothing for men and women, we present the latest developments in clothing from all brands of carpfishing. Clothes of different models and colors for all tastes, both for winter and summer. T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, caps, tracksuits, waterproof water clothing, cold suits …, etc.

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In carpfishing fishing, being well equipped and with the right clothes for the weather is essential to enjoy your fishing sessions. In Carpfishing Store we have the best clothes to equip you completely, you can find all the clothes you need for your next days of carpfishing, comfortable, light, quality clothes and at the best price.

Variety of models of all brands; pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, coats, boots, sandals, waders and all the accessories available such as caps, gloves, socks, etc.

It is essential to be equipped according to the weather and therefore, in Carpfishing Store you can find all the clothes you need, waterproof, thermal clothing and suitable for days with low temperatures, which have protection against wind, cold and water, as well as clothes for days with higher temperatures that allow you to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Variety of carpfishing clothing brands at your fingertips, Fox, Nash, Avid Carp, Ridge Monkey, Zfish, Vitalbaits, Trybion, Prologic, Mikado, Sonik, Shimano, Korda or Navitas.