One of the most important things to go fishing is to have your rods and reels well protected, the ideal is to transport them in a carpfishing cover or cane, below we show you a selection of the best cane and carpfishing covers at the best price.

Best prices guaranteed on pole and individual covers for carpfishing

Single cane cover 10 feet Fox R-Series

26,99 VAT included

Single Case Cane 13 feet Shimano Trench

31,90 VAT included

Adaptable case 12-13 feet Sonik SK Tek

34,90 VAT included

Single cane cover 12 feet Fox R-Series

30,99 VAT included

Single Case Cane 12 feet Shimano Trench

29,90 VAT included

Single reed cover 9 feet Sonik Xtractor

29,95 VAT included

Single Case Cane 12 feet Shimano Tactical

27,99 VAT included

Single cane case 10 feet JRC Defender

25,90 VAT included

Single reed cover 6 feet Sonik Xtractor

25,95 VAT included

Single cane case 13 feet JRC Defender

29,90 VAT included

Single cane cover 13 feet Fox R-Series

32,95 VAT included

Fox cane tip protector

10,95 VAT included

Single Cane Case 10 feet Shimano Tactical

27,18 VAT included

Cane 2 reeds 10 feet Sonik Xtractor

74,95 VAT included

Single cane cover 12 feet Sonik Xtractor Recon

34,95 VAT included

Single reed cover 8 feet Sonik Xtractor Recon

25,95 VAT included

Adaptable case 9-10 feet Sonik SK Tek

29,95 VAT included

Fox camo cane tip protector

13,49 VAT included

Individual Case Cane 10 feet Avid Carp Compound

25,00 VAT included

Sonik elastic cane tip protector

12,95 VAT included

Single Case Rod 10 feet Prologic Avenger Camo

29,99 VAT included

Cane 3 reeds 12 feet Sonik SK Tek

99,95 VAT included

Single Cane Cover 12 feet Prologic Avenger

32,99 VAT included

Single case 13 feet Prologic Avenger

34,99 VAT included

Single cane cover 10 feet Nash Dwarf Skin

25,95 VAT included

Individual reed case 10 to 13 feet Daiwa Infinity

28,00 VAT included

Cane 2 reeds 12 feet Fox

75,00 VAT included

Cane 12 feet 3 stages Fox R-Series

77,98 VAT included

Avid Carp Compound Case Protector

5,99 VAT included

Cane 3+3 reeds 12 feet Fox

109,90 VAT included

Individual Case Cane 10 feet Sonik

24,95 VAT included

Individual Case 12 feet Sonik

27,95 VAT included

Cane 4+4 reeds 13 feet Fox

119,95 VAT included

Single cane cover 9 feet Nash Dwarf Skin

22,95 VAT included

Reed tip protector camouflage ESP

14,90 VAT included

Cane 2+2 reeds 10 feet Fox

119,90 VAT included

Single cane case 6 feet Nash Dwarf Skin

19,95 VAT included

Protective cane tip Nash Scope Ops

13,99 VAT included

Single cane cover 6 feet Nash Scope OPS

29,99 VAT included

What kind of cover do I have to buy for my carpfishing rods?

The first thing we have to be clear about is how many rods we want to take to fish and the measurements of the rods to find the ideal carpfishing cover or cane for our sessions.

How many types of sugarcane cane are there?

There is a great variety of sugarcane growers. Whether they are individual covers or sugarcane for several reeds, there are of the 3 measures of cane that are used in our modality: 10 feet, 12 feet and 13 feet. And we can also find covers for 6, 8, and 9 feet, telescopic reeds, and adaptable covers for 12-13 feet normally.

What are the best-selling rod covers for carpfishing?

For the carpfishing modality, the most used measures of rods are those of 13 feet, and there are several that we fishermen carry, so the best sold in covers for rods are the 13-foot cane growers with capacity for 3 rods. These are used to store reeds up to 3.90 meters.

What is the price of a sugarcane?

There are sugarcane growers of all prices, everything depends on the number of reeds that we want to transport and the padding that the cane has. But we can find cheap sugarcane of good quality.

How many reeds can be stored in a sugarcane cane?

There are individual cane growers to transport a single cane mounted with our prepared reel, canes of 2, 3, 4 and up to 8 reeds. The most normal are cane growers for 6 reeds, with 3 reeds mounted with the reel and 3 without mounting.

Best option Normal or individual sugarcane?

Normal 3+3 cane canes are sold more and more but individual covers are being sold more and more due to the less space they occupy for transport and greater protection when carrying each rod separated from another in case it suffers any blow during the trip.

They are also more used for quick sessions because being able to carry the mounted rod we can be fished from the moment we reach the shore.

What aspects should we take into account when buying a cover for reeds?

Measurements of the reeds: it is essential to buy a sugarcane in which the reeds can be stored perfectly, without false or over space.

Padding: for the protection of the reeds, it is very important how well padded the cane is. The most padded are the high-end sugarcane growers that usually come very well padded to transport the cane and reels with extreme safety. Let’s not forget that these 2 objects are the most important of a fisherman’s equipment.

External pockets: this is a secondary aspect but if our cane has an outer pocket we can get a great utility, either to transport our alarms, pikes, sacadera or any other accessory for our fishing.