Buy here your carpfishing sacadera, ensure your catch once we have managed to bring the fish closer to the shore. We have networks of sacaderas, sticks of sacaderas, v of connection and telescopic sacaderas and complete sacaderas of 1 and 2 pieces of the best brands with the cheapest prices.

Buy the best fishing sacaderas

Sacadera Sonik S1 42 inches

39,95 VAT included

Sacadera Prologic C-Series 42 inch 2 Pieces

49,90 VAT included

Float for Sacadera Prologic Verde

6,20 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Vaderx RS 42 inch 2 Pieces

56,99 VAT included

Sonik sacadera net 42 inches

16,90 VAT included

V sacadera Sonik

8,95 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Xtractor T44 42 inch telescopic

69,95 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Vaderx RS 42 inch 1 Piece

49,90 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Xtractor T30 42 inches 2 pcs

79,95 VAT included

Sacadera Fox EOS 42 inches

75,00 VAT included

Float for large Prologic sacadera

6,90 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Vaderx RS 50 inch 2 pcs

63,90 VAT included

Float for small Nash sacadera

13,90 VAT included

Sacadera Fox EOS Compact 42 inches

84,95 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Dominatorx RS 42 inch 2 Pieces

99,95 VAT included

JRC sacadera float

9,90 VAT included

Float for large Nash sacadera

17,90 VAT included

Sacadera Avid Carp Breach 42 inch 3 pcs

79,99 VAT included

Float for sacadera Mikado

5,49 VAT included

Sacadera Stick Sonik Vaderx RS 3 pieces

49,90 VAT included

Sacadera Fox EOS 46 inches

84,90 VAT included

Sacadera Daiwa Black Widow Telescopic

59,00 VAT included

Sacadera Carp Spirit Blax X-Net 42 inches

54,90 VAT included

Red Covers Sacadera Fox 42″-46″

14,99 VAT included

Sacadera Daiwa Black Widow

56,00 VAT included

Sacadera Sonik Dominatorx RS 50 inch 2 Pieces

99,90 VAT included

Nash 42″ Sacadera Net

69,99 VAT included

Float for sacadera Nash Small Subterfuge

17,95 VAT included

Fish care material

Retention bags (14)

Carpet (9)

Cribs (27)

Tips for buying a carpfishing bag

– What is a sacadera?

A fishing sacadera consists of a net attached to a long stick. We will hold the sacadera by the handle and capture the fish with the net, being trapped inside to be able to get it out of the water. This accessory is fundamental and mandatory in carpfishing.
It is very important to know how to correctly capture the fish with the sacadera. To do this, once the fish is near our shore, we will introduce the sacadera into the water, stuck as much as possible to the bottom so that the fish does not see it and is frightened. The person who has caught the fish, is in charge of bringing it closer to the sacadera, and once the fish is on top of it, we catch it pulling the sacadera towards us, but never upwards.

Currently we can find cheap carpfishing sacaderas of good quality.

– What is a fishing sacadera made of?

  • Mango or stick of sacadera: it is the area by which we grab the sacadera to catch the fish. There are telescopic handles, which can be adjusted according to our preferences, making them longer or shorter. The sticks that are most used don the pvc ones although the carbon handles are of much higher quality and will take longer to break.
  • V of the sacadera: it is a piece in the form of a letter v that serves to join the handle to the net of the sacadera.
  • Net of the sacadera: it is the mesh that hangs from the handle of the sacadera and where the fish and the part that is immersed in the water will be caught. This net is designed in such a way that it allows the water that enters it to escape easily, but not the fish. It is even such a delicate net that it makes the cartilaginous parts of the fish not get hooked on it and it is damaged.

– What types of carpfishing sacaderas exist?

There are sacaderas of various sizes, depending on whether our carpfishing session is based on catching and releasing small pieces, or larger fish.
Therefore, the sacaderas are going to be divided according to the size of the net, which is measured in inches (“).
We have smaller sacaderas, such as the 26″, and larger sacaderas, such as the 42”. These last sacaderas are the most used in carpfishing.
Smaller ones take up less space and can be transported more easily, but there is not a big difference with larger sacaderas.

We can find several types of sacadera that differs mainly by the stick.

  • 1-piece sacadera: it is a type of sacadera that has a 1-piece handle. They are large and their transport is more complicated, since normally the sacadera sticks measure between 1.80 and 2 meters.
  • Sacadera of 2 pieces: the handle is composed of 2 pieces and thanks to this they are very easy to transport.
  • Telescopic sacaderas: the handle of these sacaderas is collected and telescopic, achieving a smaller size. In this way they are the most comfortable and easy to transport sacaderas.

– What is the float for the sacadera and what is it for?

The float for the sacadera is an accessory that is placed on the handle of the sacadera, fixing it with a Velcro to the V. As its name suggests, it is filled with foam that gives it buoyancy. It has a cylindrical shape of about 15 cm in length. In this way, the introduction of the fish into the sacadera is facilitated, without sinking the handle.

– Is the use of the sacadera mandatory for contests?

The sacadera is mandatory for both contests and our free carpfishing sessions. It is an essential accessory to take the fish out of the water and place it on our carpet later.