The best selection of threads, braids, leadcore, fluorocarbons and carpfishing line bridges for reels, all makes and models in our specialized online carpfishing store.

The best-selling carpfishing threads

Hilo Browny Carp Awa-shima 1200 meters

27,9034,90 VAT included

Hilo Nextline Trybion 1200 meters

19,9019,95 VAT included

Braided Trybion Maxline Brown 20 meters

8,90 VAT included

Fox Green Thread 1000 m

10,95 VAT included

Hilo Big Game Red Awa-shima 1000 meters

23,90 VAT included

Big Game Blue Thread Awa-shima 1000 meters

22,9023,90 VAT included

Sonik Subsonik Thread 1200 m Camo

16,91 VAT included

Thread Reflector LCS Awa-shima 600 meters

20,50 VAT included

Korda Boom Stiff Link

13,99 VAT included

Braided Trybion Maxline Green 20 meters

Braided Gardner Vigilante 20 meters

10,75 VAT included

Hilo Fox Eos 1000 meters

9,99 VAT included

Settlement in threads

Hilo Vega Power Surf Violeta 1000 m

21,90 VAT included

Hilo Vega Power Surf Red 1000 m

Mitchell thread green 300 m

3,90 VAT included

Braided ESP Camo Sink Link Brown 25 lb / 10 meters

7,90 VAT included

Leadcore ESP Choddy Silt 45 LB / 25 meters

26,60 VAT included

Braided ESP Shock Leader 35 lb / 25 meters

14,90 VAT included

Vercelli conical bridges 5 x 15 meters 0.23 mm – 0.57 mm

8,70 VAT included

Buy yarns, braids, leadcore, line bridges and fluorocarbons by brands

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1. What function does the carpfishing thread or line have in our line?

The carpfishing thread is the most important part of our fishing equipment, we must not skimp on our line, and a good thread is essential to firmly feel the fish on the other side of our line. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have it in good condition and change it every year.

The function of our thread or line is none other than to withstand the onslaught of the fish, in addition a good line can help us to fish at a greater distance or withstand the rubbing of stones and obstacles in the reservoirs with more weeds.

2. What is the function of carpfishing braiding on our line?

Braiding in the Carpfishing mode is used for our line basses. 99% of the fishermen in our country ride their hooks with braiding, the thickness will determine the pressure in kilos that the braiding endures in front of our catches.

3. What types of lines can we find for carpfishing?

To choose our carpfishing line we must take into account two things:

  1. If we fish from a boat or with a baiting boat we can use a thread of a larger diameter to be able to secure our carp or barbel, however if we fish from the shore we must take into account how many meters we want to throw, in relation to the average weight of our catches in that reservoir or river.
  2. The weeds of the swamp where we usually fish to see the diameter with which we are going to fill our reel.

4. Why is it so important to choose a quality line and braid?

The line and braided they are as fundamental as the rod or the reel, and they are responsible for withstanding the pressure that the fish exerts on our line, a good line and a good braid will give us enough confidence to fight those more complicated catches without fear of losing them.

5. How many meters is a coil of thread for carpfishing?

In our shop you can find line coils for carpfishing in 300 meters, 1000 meters, 1200 meters or 3000 meters.

With a coil of thread of 300 meters we can fill a reel, while with a coil of 1000 meters or more we will have to fill several reels, in addition to that it will be cheaper.

6. How many different types of thread thickness are there and which is the most recommended on each occasion?

In our carpfishing modality the measures used are from 0.20 mm to 0.40 mm threads.

If we want to throw away we will use a thread or line of less thickness, if on the contrary we fish with a boat or we do not mind losing distance in the lance we will put a thread of greater thickness to ensure our catch and be calmer in the moments of greater tension for our line when the fish approaches the shore.

7. What are the best carpfishing threads on the market?

Today there are many threads with the highest performance in the market, Awa-shima is undoubtedly the most famous brand in Europe, we can also find brands like Asari, increasingly sold for its quality / price ratio.

9. What is leadcore and what is it used for?

The leadcore is a type of fishing line that is reinforced inside with lead, it is used in waters where there is a lot of fishing pressure, it is widely used and effective because it will present our position without any obstacle around it. Normally the most used measurement is 1 meter.

10. What is fluorocarbon for carpfishing?

The fluorocarbon thread is more resistant and invisible in our swamps or rivers, so it is increasingly used in our carpfishing modality, it is rare that a good fisherman lacks in his macuto. It is also used to mount our hooks when we want maximum transparency.

11. Does the color of our line influence fishing?

If we ask this question to 20 fishermen, we will surely have 20 different answers. Possibly the most discreet assemblies will help us to achieve a greater number of catches, although more and more red, purple or yellow threads are seen, however the most used are the transparent threads and camouflage line that adapts to all waters.

12. What is a rat tail in carpfishing?

The rat tail is widely used in surfcasting and increasingly in our modality. It serves to be able to fish at long distances. It is a thread of 15 meters, with a conical diameter from that of our line to be able to knot it perfectly and that will lose thickness as it approaches our bass to get throwing at a greater distance.

The advantage of the rat tail is that it will allow us to throw with all the confidence in the world, it is widely used for competitions from the shore, since they are very practical.

13. What are the best brands of carpfishing threads?

We have carpfishing threads of all brands at the best price: Korda, OMC, Fox, Nash, ESP, Carp Expert, Awa-Shima, Trybion, Avid Carp Carp, Asso, Asari, Prologic, Gardner, MikadoESP Carp Expert Spirit.

The best brands of yarns, lines, braids, bass of lees, lead core or fluorocarbons of carpfishing fishing are: Awa-Shima, shimano, Fox, Nash, Trybion, Sonik.

14. What are the main types of lines and braids for carpfishing?

There are many lines and braids for high quality carpfishing, but there are different types:

  1. Threads:
    they are an essential tool for all carpfishing fishermen. The threads are used to connect the hook to the bait and lure, and to ensure that the hook stays in place, as well as how deep the bait is. In Carpfishing Store we have a variety of models that adapt to every need.
  2. Braided: the braided ones are used in the carpfishing modality for the line basses. Braiding has more strength when it has more diameter and strands, so braided yarn is ideal for large tents.
  3. Fluorocarbons: the main difference of fluorocarbon is invisibility, they also have a greater resistance, which makes them a better option for fishing in more demanding fishing conditions.
  4. Leadcore – is characterized by its dense and lead-free material, as well as its resistance to abrasion.
  5. Line bridges: line bridges are characterized by their characteristic smoothness and efficiency at the exit, not having any knot, so they make it an ideal option when looking for more specific characteristics for carpfishing fishing.