In a fishing in which catch and release is rewarded, it is even more if possible the care of the fish while we retain it for weighing or to photograph ourselves with it, in this category you will find a large selection of retention bags for carpfishing. We also have floating retention bags to keep the fish in the water.

Buy retention bags for carpfishing

Floating holding bag Sonik SK Tek

59,90 VAT included

Mikado Retention Bag

12,50 VAT included

Floating holding bag Sonik SK Tek Grande

64,90 VAT included

Fox Floating Holding Bag

71,95 VAT included

Fox XL Floating Holding Bag

83,99 VAT included

Saco de retención Nash Carp Sack

22,99 VAT included

Daiwa Infinity System Weighing Bag

49,90 VAT included

Nash Monster Retention Bag

27,90 VAT included

JRC Cocoon 2G Floating Holding Bag

59,90 VAT included

Floating Holding Bag Nash Monster Floating

69,95 VAT included

JRC Camo floating holding bag

64,90 VAT included

Daiwa Infinity System floating holding bag

67,90 VAT included

Carp Spirit Floating Holding Bag

65,80 VAT included

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Cribs (28)

What are retention bags used for in carpfishing?

Fishing retention bags are used to store our catches in the water to keep the fish in good condition. They are mainly used for contests to wait for the judge’s weighing and in night fishing sessions to be able to take the photograph in daylight next to our catch.

How much does a retention bag cost?

There are retention sacos for cheap carpfishing, at economic prices with large measures and we can also find floating bags.

How many catches can we put in each holding bag?

In each retention bag it is advisable to put a single catch, so that the fish can be in perfect condition.