Best prices guaranteed on tripods for carpfishing

Tripod Sonik Standz 3 reeds

149,90 VAT included

Sonik Vaderx tripod 3 reeds

64,95 VAT included

Tripod Sonik Stanz All-Terrain Lite 3 reeds

109,95 VAT included

Sonik Vaderx tripod 2 reeds

61,95 VAT included

Fox EOS tripod 3 reeds

77,98 VAT included

Avid Carp Lok Down Altitude

133,34 VAT included

Tripod Sonik Standz 4 reeds

159,90 VAT included

Virux T-Light

54,50 VAT included

Sonik SKS tripod 3 reeds

49,95 VAT included

Fox Horizon Tripod 3 Reeds

194,90 VAT included

Tripod Nash Tackle 3 reeds

89,90 VAT included

Tripod Fox Horizon Duo Camo 3 Cañas

233,90 VAT included

Tripod Fox Horizon Duo Camo 4 Reeds

254,90 VAT included

Tripod Fox Stalker Plus 3 reeds

149,95 VAT included

Avid Carp Lok Down weighing tripod

59,99 VAT included

Tripod Nash Pocket 3 Reeds

114,90 VAT included

Radical Compact Tripod

59,95 VAT included

Tripod Nash Tackle 2 reeds

79,99 VAT included

Avid Carp Lok Down Compact Tripod

133,95 VAT included


59,90 VAT included

Sonik Xtractor tripod 2 reeds

104,95 VAT included

Sonik Xtractor tripod 3 reeds

119,95 VAT included

Tripod Carp Spirit Blax 4-5 reeds

207,30 VAT included

Tripod JRC Contac SQR 3 rods

79,90 VAT included

Fox X-Pod Plus Tripod

139,90 VAT included

Here one of the most symbolic elements of carpfishing, the tripod, we offer you a selection of the best brands and models of carpfishing tripods with the cheapest prices. Rod Pod Fox, Nash, Prologic, Virux, NGT, Zfish, Sonik and the best brands.

Today there are many brands of carpfishing and each brand has a wide variety of tripods.

What are the best-selling tripods for carpfishing?

The tripods top sales and therefore the most used in carpfishing are those that come prepared to have in fishing action 3 rods

How many reeds can we mount on a tripod?

The tripods come prepared to mount from 2 to 5 reeds. The most common are those with 3 reeds.

How much does a tripod cost?

From 45 € approximately we can already find a quality tripod that gives us great stability for our rods. The highest quality tripods can cost up to € 400, and these already guarantee maximum stability.

What models of tripods are there for carpfishing fishing?

There are basically 2 types of tripods, the 3-legged and the 4-legged. Then within each type of tripod we find different models according to the number of reeds that can house each of them.

How tall is a tripod for carpfishing?

Tripods do not have a specific or recommended measurement. We can find low and high tripods.

Does the tripod have to have specific measures to be able to compete?

No, there is no regulation that indicates which types of tripods are valid or which are not. The only requirement that there is to compete related to tripods, is the posture of the cane, and is that it has to be horizontal to the water, hence in some places the pikes are used instead of the tripods.

How is the tripod placed?

Tripods bring their legs to support them on the ground and do not stick like pikes. If the tripod is 3 legs you must put the leg near the water.