An essential element if we are going to make a fishing session of several days, is the shelter, tent or carpfishing bivvy, in our tent we help you to choose the one that best suits you: size, number of people, double layer … etc. We have the best brands of shelters with the cheapest prices.

Bivvys and fishing lodges

Fox EOS Shelter 2 People

237,45 VAT included

Sonik SK-Tek Shelter 2 people

244,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Screen House 3D Refuge

259,90 VAT included

Second Layer Shelter Fox EOS 2 People

99,90 VAT included

Refugio Mikado Plus 2 people

264,00 VAT included

JRC Defender Peak Verde Shelter 2 people

219,90 VAT included

Second Layer Shelter Sonik SK-TEK 2 People

109,95 VAT included

Fox R Series XL Camo Refuge

559,90 VAT included

JRC Defender Green Refuge

159,90 VAT included

Nash Titan Hide XL Camo Pro Shelter

449,90 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Blockhouse Shelter

574,95 VAT included

Second Layer Shelter JRC Defender with visor 2 People

94,90 VAT included

Sonik AXS Shelter 2 people

419,90 VAT included

Second Layer Shelter Fox R Series XL Kaki

229,99 VAT included

Second Layer Shelter JRC Defender 2 People

99,90 VAT included

JrC Rova Peak Verde Refuge 2 people

236,45 VAT included

Fox R Series XL Kaki Refuge

549,90 VAT included

Refugio Sonik SK-TEK 1 person

219,95 VAT included

Nash Titan Hide Pro XL Shelter

369,95 VAT included

Nash Titan Hide XL Shelter

279,95 VAT included

Nash Titan Hide Shelter

259,95 VAT included

Accessories for shelters

Pack 10 Spades for shelter Virux

17,50 VAT included

Organizer Gazebo Nash

34,95 VAT included

Nash shelter pike 30 cm

2,99 VAT included

Magnetic hooks for Nash shelter

15,99 VAT included

Shimano Sync Table

38,90 VAT included

Nash shelter pike 20 cm

2,59 VAT included

Fox Shelter Closet

109,90 VAT included

Floor for shelter Nash Gazebo Pro XL

159,99 VAT included

Avid Carp Compact Session Table

49,90 VAT included

Table with double tray – Wardrobe Avid Carp

139,95 VAT included

Fox table for shelter

47,95 VAT included

Second layer Avid Carp Screen House

107,94 VAT included

Pack 6 pegs for shelter Fox 30 cm

34,90 VAT included

Quick Up Avid Carp Shelter Closet

107,94 VAT included

Pack 10 pegs for shelter Nash 30 cm

28,95 VAT included

Extra Carp Table

45,90 VAT included

Double tray table Avid Carp

114,99 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Cook Station Camo

199,95 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Bedside Station Camo L

115,95 VAT included

Table – Wardrobe Nash Bedside Station Camo S

95,95 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Table Adjustable L

165,95 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Table Adjustable S

115,95 VAT included

Folding Organizer Nash Bank Life

55,95 VAT included

Nash Bank Life Rug

18,95 VAT included

Table – Nash Wardrobe

189,95 VAT included

Double layer for shelter Nash MK 4

249,99 VAT included

Pack 10 NGT Shelter Pins

6,90 VAT included

Umbrella and Brollys

Brolly Korum Super Steel Umbrella

59,90 VAT included

Brolly Sonik AXS

149,95 VAT included

Shelter Sonik AXS

239,90 VAT included

Carpfishing shelters

A carpfishing shelter or bivvy is similar to a tent or tent, but allowed and authorized for use in carpfishing. They are usually dark green or similar. It consists of a fabric crossed by several rows of rods, which when joined together will form the shelter, which we have to fix to the ground by means of pikes.
The carpfishing shelter is equipped with a door, which opens by a zipper, through which we can easily enter and exit.
Inside the shelter or bivvy we can introduce the bed chair, our assembly table, the stove, the chair, etc. That is, the accessories we need to spend the night inside the shelter.

The refuge or bivvy is one of the complements that can not be missing in our fishing equipment. It will be the house where we live for the duration of our carpfishing session. The shelter will isolate us from inclement weather, such as storms or the unpleasant winter cold.
It is cozy and offers us a space to be safe from animals from the countryside or rainwater, so we will feel protected inside.

What aspects should we take into account when buying a shelter?

We detail the main components that a refuge for fishermen. The main feature that we have to take into account when buying the shelter for carpfishing is the thickness of the fabric, in case we are going to take long fishing sessions or we are going to endure low temperatures. The more insulating the fabric, the more comfortable we can be in it.
The shelters or bivvy are very useful in the cold times of the year, because the material of which it is composed, makes the heat is retained inside, so they are not used in the middle of summer.
However, there is an alternative type of shelter, which is called screen house carpfishing. This shelter can be used on hot dates, because it will provide us with shade and protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. It is a shelter that allows you to keep them cooler, but you have to be especially careful with wind gusts, because it is less resistant than the shelter for winter. That is why its use is especially indicated in hot seasons.

The second thing to take into account are the measurements, to see if our bed chair will enter without problem and we will be able to introduce a small shelter table and a small section for storage such as macutos or baits for the section.

What kind of shelter can we buy for carpfishing?

The shelters and biwy that we can find for carpfishing are the following:

  • Shelter for 1 person: They are ideal for when we go fishing alone or for short fishing sessions. In it we can put a bed chair and store our personal things.
  • Shelter for 2 people: this is the most used type of shelter for carpfishing and is ideal for when we go with our fishing partner since they take 2 bed chairs and personal belongings. This biwy is also a good choice when we go alone and want to be spacious and comfortable. Within this type we find shelters for 2 people xl and xxl, with a large capacity to be larger although they are still indicated for two people.
  • Family shelters: These are the largest XXL shelters and in it we can put more than 2 and 3 people and store all personal belongings and fishing equipment. There are family biwy that have different rooms even.

The shelters for 2 people are the most normal and used, to be able to be with our partner.

Do the shelters come with a second layer?

All models have their corresponding second layer for carpfishing shelters, but the most normal thing is to buy it separately.

What is the second layer of a shelter for?

The double layer of the shelter, as its name suggests, is an additional layer that is placed on top of the shelter. It is also anchored to the ground and will allow the shelter to be sealed even more, thus preventing the entry of water inside it in strong gusts of storm, or the entry of cold.
The second layer serves to isolate us more and achieve greater resistance to cold and rain.

Do carpfishing shelters have soil?

The shelters are accompanied most by a fabric that acts as a floor, but this is illegal, and if we use it we can be considered camping and we could be denounced in most places, so in the carpfishing modality shelters are used without the ground canvas.