Best prices guaranteed on sleeping bags for winter carpfishing

Sleeping bag Nash 4 seasons

68,99 VAT included

Sleeping bag Avid Carp Thermatech with heating XL

99,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Sonik SK-TEK M

123,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Sonik SK-TEK L

133,95 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox EOS 2

89,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox Duralite 5 stations

189,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Sonik SK-TEK Compact

109,90 VAT included

Fox R3 sleeping bag

161,90 VAT included

Fox R2 sleeping bag

143,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox R1

147,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox Flatiner 5 stations

199,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Ascent RS Camo XL

129,90 VAT included

JRC Defender Wide sleeping bag

84,90 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox Ven-Tec Ripstop 5 stations

219,99 VAT included

Sleeping bag Nash 4 seasons L

79,95 VAT included

Sleeping bag Fox Duralite 3 stations

154,95 VAT included

The sleeping bag for carpfishing is undoubtedly the best companion for your bed chair and shelter, and is that a good sleeping bag suitable for the season of the year in which we are going to fish, will make our stay much more bearable. We have sleeping bags of 3, 4 and 5 seasons, both for winter and summer. The best brands of sleeping bags and the cheapest prices are in Tienda Carpfishing.

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Tips for buying a carpfishing sleeping bag

It is the main ally for the coldest. At bedtime, we will place it on top of our bed chair and we will enter inside, thus protecting us from the cold. With the sleeping bag for bed chair we will no longer be afraid to spend the cold winter season on the shore. In addition, in the less cold seasons of the year, where we no longer use shelter, we can also make use of the sleeping bag, so that we do not fall the relente of the night.

– What is a sleeping bag for?

A carpfishing sleeping bag can be used as a blanket, since it exercises the same function: to help us fight the cold and maintain our body heat.
The sleeping bag has a side zipper to facilitate access to its interior and exit from it. It will be an indispensable complement to the winter and will make the night more pleasant, being able to sleep without being cold.
On the other hand, when we get up in winter at night to take out a fish, we return very cold to the bed chair, but having a sleeping bag, we will be able to warm up more quickly and fall asleep sooner.

– What types of sleeping bags can we buy?

With respect to its interior, we can find sleeping bags lined with hair or polyester. Sleeping bags with the inside of hair are intended for colder seasons of the year, such as autumn or winter. However, sleeping bags with polyester interiors will come in handy in warmer seasons, such as spring.

Sleeping bags with polyester interior are lighter and easier to carry. Even so, the sleeping bags of hair can be rolled up just like the first ones and stored in a backpack, but they come to weigh something more. The latter are more prominent in the market.

As there are sleeping bags of hair of various thicknesses, that is why we talk about carpfishing sleeping bags of 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 seasons.

  • Sleeping bag 1 season: these types of bags are the finest and are ideal sleeping bags for summer nights.
  • 2-season sleeping bag: they are fine sleeping bags ideal for sleeping on cold summer and spring nights
  • Sleeping bag of 3 seasons: this type of bag is one of the most used, since it is an intermediate bag that serves for the coldest nights of summer, spring and winter.
  • 4-season sleeping bag: they are thicker sleeping bags that are ideal for cold winter nights
  • 5-season sleeping bag: These sacks are the thickest on the market and are used for the coldest winter nights.
  • Sleeping bag with built-in heating: these bags are a novelty, since it is a sleeping bag that has heating through a USB charging system that serves to warm us up quickly.

– What does it mean for a bag to be 3,4 or 5 stations?

The number of stations tells us the thickness of hair that covers the sleeping bag. The more seasons, the thicker, and therefore the more heat it will provide. Depending on the season of the year in which we want to use the sleeping bag, we will choose one or the other.

– What characteristics should a good sleeping bag have?

A good option would be to choose a sleeping bag that had padding in the head area, as it serves as a pillow and offers much more comfort.

There are sleeping bags with ribbons to attach to the bed chair, so that it will not move even if we enter and leave it many times. The ribbons will extend to both sides of the bed chair at the bottom and join both.

Sleeping bags with the inside of hair are more requested by customers, since they are more useful to avoid being cold, which is the main purpose of this carpfishing accessory

– Summer sheets for camping sleep

Carpfishing summer sheets act as a blanket, being very useful for hot summer nights. The sheets will be placed on our bed chair and by covering ourselves with them, we will be protected from both insects and the slowing of the night.

– What material are the sheets made of?

These sheets are made from peach skin, making them a fresh and light cover, which allows perspiration, thus letting our body heat escape from this cover and we do not have a feeling of overwhelm due to the high temperature of summer.

– How do the sheets fit the bed chair?

It is very easy to place the sheets for fishing on the bed chair. We will only have to extend the sheets on it and secure them by means of elastic hooks incorporated in them. Once this is done, we can lie on the bed chair and cover ourselves with the sheets.

– When is it useful to use the sheets?

It is not suitable for use in winter to shelter from the cold, since they are not made of hair material that provides heat. Therefore, they do not do the function of winter sleeping bag, but rather the opposite, providing freshness.
Because of this, these sheets are indicated for times of the year where heat predominates, that is, spring and summer. Above all, they are useful in summer, where most fishermen sleep outdoors. This is the main function of sheets: to offer us protection when we sleep outdoors. In the environment, near the shore, there are many insects that can disturb our sleep, which can not bother us if we are covered with these sheets. In addition, with these sheets, we will get rid of the humidity of summer nights.