In Tienda Carpfishing we offer you the widest catalog in polarized sunglasses for carpfishing fishing, we present the latest news in sunglasses of all brands of carpfishing. Sunglasses of different models and colors for all tastes. To be able to enjoy your day of fishing without being bothered by the reflection of the sun.

Best prices guaranteed on polarized carpfishing fishing goggles

Fox AV8 Brown Sunglasses

25,95 VAT included

Fox Avius Camo sunglasses

25,95 VAT included

Fox Avius Camo Sunglasses Black

25,95 VAT included

Fox Wraps Black/Orange Sunglasses

22,95 VAT included

Fox Wraps Sunglasses Black/Green

22,95 VAT included

Shimano Purist Green/Brown Polarized Glasses

29,90 VAT included

Shimano Cured Polarized Glasses Black/Yellow

31,95 VAT included

Shimano Fireblood Polarized Glasses Black/Orange

29,90 VAT included

Sunglasses Ridge Monkey Pola-Flex Maverick

39,99 VAT included

Ridge Monkey Pola-Flex Seeker Sunglasses

39,99 VAT included

Korda black/brown MK2 sunglasses

34,90 VAT included

Korda green/yellow MK2 sunglasses

29,90 VAT included

Nash Black Wraps Yellow Sunglasses

20,99 VAT included

Yellow Nash Camo Wraps Sunglasses

20,90 VAT included

Avid Carp Beam sunglasses

25,90 VAT included

Sunglasses Avid Carp Classic

17,90 VAT included

Sunglasses Avid Carp TSW

25,90 VAT included

Polarized sunglasses for carpfishing

For any time of the year, it is important to use good quality polarized sunglasses , whether for summer, autumn or sunny winter days. The use of sunglasses for fishermen and practitioners of water or outdoor sports has become an essential element, both to protect you from the sun, clarity or possible glare.

In Carpfishing Store we have endless brands and models that allow you to choose the sunglasses that best suits your needs.

What brands of polarized sunglasses can we buy for carpfishing?

You can choose from a wide variety of sunglasses, which vary both in quality and models, that is why in Carpfishing Store we select the best brands of sunglasses for carpfishing: Fox, Nash, Korda, Ridge Monkey, Shimano or Trakker. All these brands of sunglasses are a perfect option to incorporate into your carpfishing equipment.

What factors do we have to take into account to buy sunglasses?

It is important to take into account certain characteristics when buying sunglasses that suit your needs. Therefore, we mention some factors to take into account:

  • Polarized crystals
    are made of certain materials that neutralize polarized light, which can be direct sunlight, the reflection of the sun on water or reflection on surfaces, which will help protect you from damage from ultraviolet light. The polarized glasses have a special filter that blocks the reflected light letting through only the necessary light and thus protecting us from reflections while fishing and UV rays in our eyes, since the glare of the sun that reflects on the surface of the water can greatly hinder the day of fishing, preventing the detection of fish and our comfort.
  • Frame and fastening, a lightweight mount will be more comfortable to spend a long day of fishing. With this, the fastening is also relevant for fishing, since we will move constantly and through more difficult terrain, so it is a fundamental aspect not to misplace the sunglasses.
  • Design and model , the color and shape of the glasses fulfill an aesthetic function that will depend on the taste, needs and preferences of each fisherman.

In Carpfishing Store you will find the best polarized sunglasses for carpfishing on the market.