If you like to have everything in order and at hand, we recommend that you take a look at these assembly stations, bags, macutos and mounting boxes for carpfishing at the cheapest price.

Buy boxes and assembly stations

Loaded Nash Tackle Box

51,79 VAT included

Nash Tackle Box

22,95 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Slim 8

6,99 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Shallow 6

6,99 VAT included

Big Nash Tackle Box

39,99 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Slim Box 3

6,99 VAT included

Tackle Safe Korda Box

33,99 VAT included

Nash TT Mounting Station

159,99 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Shallow 1

6,99 VAT included

Box Tackle Ridge Monkey Lite

43,95 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Needle Box

17,99 VAT included

Accessory box for Korda assemblies

54,99 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Slim 2

6,99 VAT included

Ridge Ridge Monkey Armoury Pro Tackle Box

74,95 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Shallow 2

10,45 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Large Hook Box

8,99 VAT included

Caja Nash Chod Box

16,95 VAT included

Tackle Box Loaded Nash Box Logic Large

69,95 VAT included

Korda Basix Tackle Box

26,49 VAT included

Nash Box Logic Small Hook Box

10,45 VAT included

Mounting material for carpfishing

Leads (75)

Carpfishing Tackle (745)

Lines and braiding (200)

bait material (157)

Hooks (172)

Tips for buying the best mounting station for carpfishing

In Tienda Carpfishing we have a wide catalog of mounting stations for carpfishing.

– Which mounting station can we buy for carpfishing?

From the most basic mounting station with its pockets, to some with macutos inside for our leads, boats for pop up or posture boilies, and even board with pins for our basses.

Some mounting stations also have a folding table in the lower section, this table is very useful for assemblies or to put it in the shelter at night, since it is independent of the station.

An assembly station is very practical to be able to throw our fishing day carrying a single macuto, including our alarms.

– What is a carpfishing assembly station?

An assembly station for fishing is a macuto divided into several sections where we can store and keep in order all those products related to our assembly or bait. For example, in the assembly station we can store: bass, tigernut cans, pop ups, soaks, tackle, leads, needles, scissors, line … That is, accessories of small size.

– What is an assembly station for?

At the assembly station we will take everything necessary to prepare our rod in order to start fishing, except for the bait packages. Through this briefcase we will be able to comfortably transport all our accessories to carry out the assembly.

The measurements of an assembly station are around the following figures:
Length: 41 cm
Width: 29 cm
Height: 9.5 cm

In addition, the mounting station serves to protect all those accessories from the rain, thus preventing them from spoiling.

– What does an assembly station include?

There are assembly stations that, in addition to including the macuto to store the fishing accessories, have a mounting table where you can support the macuto, or plastic boats and boxes to classify the material, small waterproof bags and even pin board for the basses.
It is very important to take into account all this when acquiring an assembly table, because in this way we will always have our accessories controlled and we would not need to go looking for them often because we do not know where they are.

– Types of assembly stations

We can find two types of mounting stations for carpfishing. There is a type that consists of a macuto with adjustable legs and another type that has no legs, but only the macuto or mounting box.
The mounting box takes up less space, but at the same time, it also has less room to store fishing accessories.
The mounting station with adjustable legs is larger and heavier, so it will take up more space to transport it, but we will have more space for our accessories. In addition, having legs, we can support it on the ground without staining, and thus being more comfortable the assembly.