The best selection of pendulums and luminous carpfishing tensioners for alarms. We have all the brands and models available in our specialized store with the cheapest prices: Fox, Nash, Prologic, Korda, Delkim, NGT, Trybion, Zfish, Virux, Radical.

Buy the best pendulums from Carpfishing

Tensor Sonik Gizmo

12,50 VAT included

Tensor Trybion Zero

16,90 VAT included

Tensor Bobbins Fox black label dinky

15,98 VAT included

Tensor Dumpy Bobbins Fox

19,95 VAT included

Virux Pendulum

10,25 VAT included

Tensor Fox Black Label Mini

23,95 VAT included

Bobbin Tensioner Kit Large Nash

14,99 VAT included

Bobin Tensioner Kit Avid Carp

5,99 VAT included

Tensor Radical Free Climber

6,90 VAT included

Tensor Mikado Hanger

7,45 VAT included

Bobbin Tensioner Kit Nash Medium

13,99 VAT included

Tensor Fox Micro Swinger

19,45 VAT included

Bobbin Tensioner Kit Small Nash

8,9012,90 VAT included

Luminous tensioner Fox Mk2

54,95 VAT included

Tensor Mikado Bite Swinger

6,15 VAT included

Delkim Nitelite Set Pendulum

44,95 VAT included

Delkim Nitelite Pro Hanger Pendulum

36,95 VAT included

Tensor Bobbins Fox black label Slik

16,95 VAT included

Tensor Fox Mk3

36,49 VAT included

Sonik Gizmo Slim

18,95 VAT included

Delkim SlimLite Set Pendulum

44,9046,90 VAT included

3 luminous pendulum case Carp Expert

29,90 VAT included

Korda Basix Mini Tensioner

12,99 VAT included

DuoCarb Delkim Pendulum Holder

21,95 VAT included

Nash Night Glo Swinger

45,99 VAT included

Tensor Extra Carp Reflex

13,50 VAT included

Briefcase Set 3 tensioners JRC Kurve

49,90 VAT included

Set of 3 Fox Micro Tensioners

69,90 VAT included

Delkim SlimLite Set Clear Pendulum

44,9046,90 VAT included

Carp Hunter light tensioner with cable

Tensor Black Label Stealth Bobbin Fox

17,49 VAT included

Tensor Sonik Gizmo Phat

19,95 VAT included

Tensor Bobbin Siren Night Glo Nash Large

29,95 VAT included

Tensor JRC Radar DS Multicolor

24,90 VAT included

Fox Black Label Mini tensioner case

19,95 VAT included

Faith Versatile

14,90 VAT included

Weight Nash Tensor Siren Night Glo L

7,99 VAT included

Weight Nash Tensor Siren Night Glo S

7,99 VAT included

Set of 4 Tensors X7 Carp Spirit

94,95 VAT included

Tensor Bobbin Siren Night Glo Nash S

29,95 VAT included

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Tips for buying the best carpfishing pendulums

– What is a carpfishing tensioner?

A carpfishing tensioner, also called a pendulum is a carpfishing accessory that is anchored to the alarm at one end and hooked to our line at the other.
A tensioner is an indicator of pitting. The moment a fish eats our bait and is keyed, it will begin to pull our line, to which the tensioner or pendulum is hooked. In this way, the tensioner will move and indicate that on the other side of our cane our long-awaited capture is waiting for us. In addition, it will tell us in which direction the fish is going, because if when biting, it advances towards the opposite shore, the tensioner will move upwards (the line is tense), while, if the fish comes in our direction, the tensioner for fishing it will tend to move downwards (the line is de-tensioned).
The name tensor is coined because another of its functions is to help us tighten our line once we have launched the cane, so that it is as tight and straight as possible, without the line making excessive rope.

– What kind of carpfishing pendulums exist?

There are two types of tensors or pendulums. One group would be formed by chain tensors and the other group is composed of bar tensioners.
Both types of tensioners are used equally in carpfishing. Your choice depends on the specific taste of the fisherman.
We can also classify them into luminous and non-luminous tensioners or pendulums.
The luminous pendulums for fishing are the best sellers for carpfishing, because they will emit light when we have a bite, so that when it is night, we can easily identify the rod that has managed to deceive our fish.

– What colors of fishing tensioners can we find?

There is a wide range of colors. We can find blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, black, white and green tensors. All colors of tensioners are sold equally, it is left to the choice of the fisherman according to his own tastes. However, greens, reds and yellows are most often used.

– What to consider to buy a tensioner?

One of the most sought-after characteristics of a tensioner is its luminosity. When it is night in the carpfishing sessions, the most comfortable option to realize which rod is the one in which the fish has bitten, is seeing the corresponding tensioner illuminated. This luminous tensioner is associated with a cable that connects to the alarm and allows it to illuminate. In the darkness of the night, the light of the tensioner will clearly indicate in which direction we must run to reach the correct rod and get our catch.

If we buy a chain tensioner, we must take into account the following recommendation: place the first ring of the rod behind the alarm, so that, when biting a fish, the tensioner does not pass inside the alarm and when nailing the catch jump and disarm all our equipment.

– In what format are the tensioners sold?

We can find both individual carpfishing tensioners or tensioner cases, which include several pendulums of different colors.
Tensioners in individual format are very economical and, generally, the ones that sell the most. This is because fishermen who already have their alarm of a certain color, can choose and buy only the tensioner of the same color.
On the other hand, sets of tensioners that come in briefcases also have a very good reputation in the market. The briefcase makes the tensioners more protected during transport and storage.