Digital weights, weighing bags, tripods and all the weighing material for the carpfishing modality you have it here. We have the best brands and the cheapest prices.

Buy weights, weighing tripods and weighing bags

Prologic digital weight 40 kg

32,99 VAT included

Fox Weighing Tripod

59,99 VAT included

Digital weight Sonik 50 kg

34,90 VAT included

Daiwa folding weighing bag

32,90 VAT included

Shimano Trench weighing bag with rope

59,90 VAT included

Korum Supa Lite weighing bag

20,99 VAT included

Fox digital weight 60 kg

119,90 VAT included

Quick Release Boat Clip Carp Spirit

28,95 VAT included

Korda Basix weighing bag

39,95 VAT included

Carp Spirit Weighing Bag

38,95 VAT included

Nash Weighing Bag

35,99 VAT included

Nash Failsafe Monster Weighing Bag

99,95 VAT included

Prologic Camo XL Weighing Bag

49,99 VAT included

Nash Scope OPS weighing bag

39,99 VAT included

Nash Failsafe Weighing Bag

89,95 VAT included

Nash Dwarf Mat Weighing Bag

75,90 VAT included

Fish care material

Retention bags (16)

Carpet (11)

Landing nets (39)

Cribs (15)

Tips for buying weighing material for carpfishing

– What weighing material do we need for carpfishing?

  • Carpfishing weights: a weight is an instrument that will digitally determine on its screen the size of our capture. We will be able to see the kilograms that the fish weighs once we take it out of the water.
    Before weighing the fish, you have to tare the weighing bag. To do this, we hang the weighing bag of the hook that has the weight, and press the tare button. Subsequently, we can already weigh our fish accurately. It is now when we introduce the animal into the weighing bag. We will firmly hold the weight with our arms stretched forward, while the sack with the fish inside hangs from it. Once the bag is stabilized, the weight will give us an exact figure.
  • Carpfishing weighing tripods: it consists of three long legs, which rest on the ground and allow the weighing bag to be held at a height such that it does not touch the ground. On the tripod we will place our weight, from which hangs the weighing bag, and we can weigh the fish more easily, without having to grab the weight ourselves.
  • Carpfishing weighing bags: the weighing bag will be where we introduce the fish to be able to weigh it. It is composed of a net that drains the water and handles or ropes that allow it to be hung from the weight hook.

– What kind of weights are there?

There are digital weights for carpfishing, equipped with a screen on which they mark an exact and immovable numerical figure. They are very accurate.
There are also weights with tape measure, where a clock hand will indicate the weight of our catch. It is more difficult to interpret because the numbers are smaller and the needle can oscillate if we do not remain stable. The advantage of these weights is that they do not use a battery, so they will always work.

– What is a weighing tripod for?

The weighing tripod is ideal for weighing large fish, which would be very difficult to support the digital weight with our hands. It is also more comfortable to weigh our capture with this contraption if we are alone and do not have the help of anyone.

– What is a weighing bag for?

Without the weighing bag we would not be able to determine the kilos of our fish. The weighing bag, along with the weight, are instruments that should never be missing in our carpfishing macuto. If we are in a competition, it is important to know the exact weight of our fish to see if it falls within the established regulatory limits.