In Carpfishing Shop we offer the best selection of Carpfishing trucks. We have the best brands at the best price in the market. Discover all the forklifts of carpfishing brands and models.

Best prices guaranteed on Carpfishing wheelbarrows

Avid Carp Extreme Truck

249,90 VAT included

JRC Cocoon 2G L truck

219,90 VAT included

Fox Barrow R-Series Plus Truck

188,49 VAT included

Korum Transition Compact Truck

119,90 VAT included

Fox Barrow R-Series truck

169,90 VAT included

Fox Transporter Camo truck

359,95 VAT included

Avid Carp Extreme 3 Wheels

299,90 VAT included

Nash Trax MK 2 truck

259,90 VAT included

In Tienda Carpfishing we want to offer you the best wheelbarrows to transport your carpfishing gear, so you can take all the material you need without having to overload yourself or give more trips than necessary from where we park our vehicle to the position where we are going to fish. These forklifts for carpfishing they have been designed to overcome complicated terrain and load all the carpfishing material we need. So if you are tired of carrying all your belongings every time you go fishing, this product gives you a comfortable and comfortable opportunity.

We have the best selection of brands of trucks for carpfishing: Fox, JRC, Avid Carp, Nash or Korum.

What factors to consider when buying a truck?

The wheelbarrow is an important element to incorporate into your carpfishing equipment. A fishing cart is an essential complement when transporting your fishing equipment and equipment during carpfishing sessions.

Certain factors must be taken into account when buying a forklift:

  • The size must be small to be able to transport and store it easily, but large enough to have the capacity to store everything necessary for our fishing equipment
  • Characteristics of the handles and whether it is monitored
  • Dimensions and quality of the wheels to know if it adapts to the terrain
  • The brand and design, there is a variety of brands and models, which will depend on the needs and preferences of each fisherman